As part of its continued effort to keep Downtown safe, the DDD has dedicated $10,000 to the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation’s SafeCam Adopt-A-Block program for the purchase and installation of security cameras throughout the Downtown Development District.

“The DDD is proud of our longtime partnership with the NOPD in advancing our public safety program and with NOPJF in creating a safer New Orleans,” said DDD President & CEO Kurt Weigle. “This addition to our other enhanced services such as our police detail and public safety rangers helps ensure that Downtown will continue to be one of greatest places to live, work and play.”

“Public safety is our number one priority for residents, businesses and visitors in the downtown area,” said NOPD Eighth District Commander Jeff Walls. “These new high-definition surveillance cameras will be invaluable tools that will help prevent crimes from happening and solve crimes more quickly when it does. I want to thank the DDD for recognizing the importance of this program and for partnering with us as we work to make our neighborhoods safer.”

SafeCam Adopt-A-Block is the NOPJF’s companion initiative to SafeCam NOLA, which is the official private security camera registry of the New Orleans Police Department.  It funds the installation of High Definition security cameras in crime hot spots. As part of this effort, the DDD is working with the NOPD 8th District to determine the optimal locations within the DDD boundaries for the cameras. The first installation is in the 100 block of Royal Street.

“The NOPJF has worked with the NOPD to identify gaps in camera coverage through crime data analysis, then partnered with local civic organizations like the DDD and private citizens to install nearly 200 high-quality camera systems where they are needed most,” said Melanie Talia, President & CEO of NOPJF. “We are proud to live in a city that actively invests in the safety of our communities.”

The DDD provides 24/7 police details for Downtown stakeholders as part of its public safety mission. Approximately 30 officers provide 400 hours per week in enhanced police coverage. In addition, the DDD deploys Public Safety Rangers, a non-commissioned force of safety professionals. Rangers’ services include surveying the district for suspicious behavior or activities, providing homeless outreach, and offering SafeWalks, a free service provided to safely escort residents, workers and visitors to their Downtown destination.

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