SafeWalk Safety Program



SafeWalk is a service provided to Downtown residents, workers and visitors, so people can feel safe and confident walking to and from anywhere Downtown. Downtown SafeWalks are offered free of charge within the Downtown DDD boundaries.

To schedule a SafeWalk, contact the DDD Public Safety Rangers during regular operating hours: 7 days a week, 6:00am to 10:00pm

Please call at least 20 minutes prior to the requested SafeWalk.

Call or text (504) 415-1730 to check availability. If texting, include name, location and time of meet-up.

Tips on Walking Safely in Cities

  • Strength comes in numbers. Two is always safer than one!
  • If you walk alone, make sure you tell someone your route and the time you expect to return
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Keep your cell phone handy for use in an emergency
  • If carrying a purse, place it securely between your arm and body. Do not use the shoulder strap, which can be easily grabbed
  • Wear bright colored clothing when out after dark
  • Stick to busy, well-lit streets
  • When approached by a panhandler simply say “no, thank you” or “no, sorry.” Avoid negotiations or saying things like “I have no change” because they take bills as well!
  • Avoid needless displays of money


Take a Walk with a Ranger

In an effort to continue to keep Downtown New Orleans one of the safest communities in city, The DDD has launched a new public safety initiative designed to build better relationships and improve communication between DDD Public Safety Rangers and business owners, property managers and residents.

The new “Take a Walk with a Ranger” provides Downtown stakeholders the opportunity to spend an hour or two, one on one with a DDD Public Safety Ranger walking through parts of Downtown discussing public safety tips and quality of life concerns.

“The safety of our residents and workforce is a top priority of the DDD, and our Public Safety Rangers are on the front lines patrolling our streets to deter crime and address quality of life issues,” said DDD Director of Operations Richard McCall. “We want to expand their reach by encouraging everyone to spend time with a Ranger and experience our public safety program first-hand.”

Call the Rangers today at 504-415-1730. Let’s take a walk!

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