Mary Glover

Homeless Outreach Coordinator

Mary Glover serves as one of the dedicated Travelers Aid outreach team members in Downtown New Orleans bringing her skills years of experience working with the unhoused population.  Prior to joining the Travelers Aid outreach team in January of 2023, Mary had most recently been working at the Low Barrier Shelter, assisting shelter residents to meet their basic needs. She gained valuable experience working at the Bridge House/Grace House Residential Substance Use Treatment facility before working with clients at the Low Barrier Shelter.

Mary wanted to take the experience she gained working with clients in her previous jobs and meet those still in need where they are.  In her work Downtown, Mary seeks out those who are still seeking access to services.  The position allows her to find great fulfillment in her work, and she brings a lot of enthusiasm to working with individuals who are still living on the streets and guiding them into housing. Mary brings her positivity to her work and treats each client with dignity and respect.