Pelican Bomb Presents (De)Tangled


2013 Downtown NOLA Arts-Based Pitch Winner Pelican Bomb is pleased to present “(De)Tangled,” a multi-platform exhibition exploring historic and contemporary attitudes around hair and the politics of beauty. The central focus of the exhibition is an interactive gallery that invites the residents of New Orleans to see themselves as works of art. Every Saturday and Sunday, May 9 – June 7, Pelican Bomb is taking over the UNO St. Claude Gallery (2429 St. Claude Avenue) to create the 2015 New Orleans Hair Archive. Visitors will have their hairstyles photographed, drawn live by a cartoonist, and will be asked to name their styles. All drawn portraits will be added to the wall to create a growing, changing, living archive of current hairstyles in New Orleans. Click here for more details.

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