Pelican Bomb Curating Art for The Paramount

The DDD would like to congratulate our 2013 Arts-Based Business Pitch winner, Pelican Bomb, a non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining the visual arts in New Orleans, for being selected to curate all of the art to be displayed in The Paramount at South Market. The collection exclusively features local artists and New Orleans-inspired works, and builds on Pelican Bomb’s programs to build greater awareness of contemporary art in the city, create professional development opportunities for artists, and make artists’ practices more accessible to audiences.

When designing the collection, Pelican Bomb called on its co-directors’ deep knowledge of working artists in the city to build a collection where can i order valtrex online that complements The Paramount’s vision, design, and lifestyle. Each artist in the collection represents a unique view on life in New Orleans and the region, whether it’s the pages of The Times-Picayune in a sculptural installation or the colors of the Mississippi River in a painting, the collection invites residents to look at the everyday with a new perspective.

The Paramount’s collection includes paintings, photography, and sculptures by some of the city’s most engaging artists, both emerging and established. It includes works by Kathleen Ariatti Banton, Rachel David, AnnieLaurie Erickson, Sophie Lvoff, Aaron McNamee, Joséphine Sacabo, and Jonathan Traviesa.

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