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The Rusty Nail

When they opened their doors in 2006, the corner of Constance and John Churchill Chase, where the Warehouse District meets the Lower Garden, wasn’t much to look at. They opened a small friendly neighborhood bar that fit in a small friendly neighborhood. Since then, this area has grown up and they’ve grown with it. They’ve gone from tucked-away on an obscure corner to a top destination for locals and visitors alike by keeping their customers satisfied and making small (and not-so-small) improvements along the way. Through all of their growth, one thing has remained consistent, their friendly, attentive staff providing an increasingly more pleasant experience. They’re always doing their best to make you feel at home when you’re spending your time with them. Whether you are here to watch the game, catch-up with a friend, or unwind with co-workers, The Nail is your spot.

(504) 525-5515

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