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The Lofts at 402 Julia Street are in the heart of the New Orleans Warehouse District across the street from Emeril’s Restaurant and next door the Children’s Museum. The conversion from apts to condos in the summer of 2006. The tenants bought many of the units and Talbot realty marketed the remaining units to the public. As of June 2006 there is a couple left. There are 18 one bedroom units and 6 two bedroom units on the corner. The one bedrooms are in decent shape are selling in the 139-179 range based on sq. ft. in the Summer of 2006 , great entry price for the Warehouse District. The units are small but in above average shape. The better views are the Street views. There is a small rooftop plastic pool and Bar-B-Que  area that has a nice warehouse view of he Mississippi River Bridge and the New Orleans Central Business District. I would think any improvements in these units will pay off. Parking on a contract basis is available in an adjacent lot with a private entrance to the lot. There should be no safety issues here.

Katrina did not damage this area nor were there any flood waters in the immediate area. The small units with Julia Street views were the quickest selling units along with the two bedroom corner units. The tow bedroom units needed plenty of updating but were great spaces.

402 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA

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