Quarter House Resort

If you love New Orleans and the unique ambiance of the French Quarter, then you will love the Quarter House. Dine at one of the cities many world famous restaurants and enjoy one of a kind music festivals and sporting events year round. There’s always a reason to leave your heart in New Orleans! Let us show you the true meaning of gracious Southern Hospitality and book your stay with us, we promise you will fall in love with the magical city of New Orleans all over again!

Located in the heart of the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, The Quarter House is a Premiere and Gold Crown vacation ownership resort.

The Quarter House resort is part of the rich, multi-cultural heritage of the City of New Orleans. Designed by New Orleans’ most renowned architect, James Gallier, in 1831, the Quarter House was originally built before the Civil War, and most of the structures were built prior to 1840.

Occupying a half-city block in the French Quarter, the property on which the Quarter House now sits is part of a prized group of land parcels whose ownership and development can be traced to the 1700?s.

From the earliest-recorded documents available on the history of the Quarter purchase valtrex House, it is clear that its ownership reflected the amazing cultural diversity of New Orleans. Until 1828, in fact, fully 33% of the property was owned by free people of color – people whose lives were intimately intertwined with those of the majority population, and whose social and professional affiliations helped shape New Orleans from those days to modern times.

A brief overview of the lives of the principal free people of color involved in the early development of the quarter House properties reveals New Orleans on a city of inclusion, in stark contrast to much of America at that time. According to New Orleans historian, William Reeves, “The free people of color who owned the property on Square 33 (which included the Quarter House lots) were part of a large network of families, both black and white — all connected through interlocking relationships that crossed racial boundaries.”

Today the Quarter House continues to reflect New Orleans’ unique cultural and racial diversity in both the make-up of its staff and in the ownership of the timeshares. We are proud of our heritage and our place in New Orleans as an institution that welcomes people from all walks of life.

129 Rue Chartres, New Orleans, LA

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