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Miss River

Miss River, is Alon Shaya’s “love letter to Louisiana,” based on his vast experience of the local culture and cuisine in his nearly 20 years as a resident. As the signature lobby-level restaurant of our Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans, this ingredient-driven restaurant pays tribute to New Orleans grand dining, showcasing Shaya’s spirited take on beloved local dishes, while providing surprise and fun to the dining experience.

Diners will enjoy exceptional personalized service and elements of whimsy throughout their experience, including the show of the Food Stage-the centerpiece of Miss River, where chefs display extravagant plating of signature dishes. Guests at Miss River can expect an emphasis on ingredients thoughtfully sourced from Shaya’s extensive network of local fishermen, farmers, and other purveyors. Regional cuisine with an elevated take on the classics highlights bold, familiar flavors and classic technique preparation.

2 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 434 5100

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