“Kelsey Montague: What Lifts You”

The DDD and Pelican Bomb present artist Kelsey Montague’s interactive “What Lifts You” mural campaign to New Orleans. The mural is on view at 750 Carondelet Street. 

Montague first entered the public eye after Taylor Swift posted a selfie in front of the artist’s larger-than-life line drawing of wings in New York, turning Montague into an Internet sensation overnight. Since then, Montague has traveled all over the world drawing her signature wings on walls from Las Vegas to New Zealand with customized details to reflect each place.

The wings in New Orleans celebrate the city’s unique natural and cultural landscapes, incorporating images and patterns that will be familiar to any resident or visitor with Montague’s distinctive vision. “What Lifts You” invites the people of New Orleans to take their photos in front of the wings and share the photos, along with what truly inspires them, on social media. The project explores the positive potentials of social media, public art, and personal motivation.

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