Homeless Outreach Success Stories


November 2022 DDD Success Stories


Progress for E After 17 Years

Over the past year and a half, the DDD outreach worker has gotten to know E, a 65 year-old gentleman who has been homeless since Hurricane Katrina, through time spent talking with each other in Duncan Plaza and outside of the Superdome. For the last 17 years, E has been living in a house right on the fringes of the DDD – his family owns the home and while it is missing half a roof, two walls, and has no power or water service, E makes sure the front of the property remains in order by cutting the grass and cleaning the sidewalk. For over a decade, he has used his disability check to help ensure the taxes are paid because he so hoped his family can one day restore the property. However, in the past year, as E’s health has begun to decline, E realized he may need a quicker path to housing. So, E completed the housing application with the DDD outreach worker earlier in the year and was approved for a housing voucher this month. E has seen one apartment already and is eager to hear back from the landlord and move into an apartment with a complete roof and all four walls, at which point E feels he will have a more stable base to explore how to help his family restore their property.


Many Steps in One Afternoon for S

Earlier this month, the DDD outreach worker got to speak with S for the first time. S is a young woman who has been sleeping on the streets of downtown New Orleans for several months but who has historically avoided conversations with DDD rangers and the outreach worker, sitting silently on the sidewalk for days at a time. However, recently, S began to open up to the DDD outreach worker and asking for help. So, in the last week of the month, the outreach worker and S spent an afternoon together and put many wheels in motion for S – they replaced S’s ID, replaced her disability benefits card, ordered her birth certificate, began the process for S to re-enter rehab, and completed S’s housing application. Everything accomplished in that afternoon helped reinforce the payoff of persistence of visiting S and offering help over and over, and we are excited to see all that S can accomplish from here on out.

Angela Owczarek, the DDD’s Outreach Social Worker in conjunction with the Traveler’s Aid Society, assists many people in every month helping them begin a new, more stable life indoors. We thank Angela for all of her compassion for those with the greatest needs.

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