The first quarter of 2024 in Downtown New Orleans continued the forward momentum of 2023 and was one which DDD President & CEO Davon Barbour notes “marked a significant period of creativity and innovation with signature Downtown events” in his opening notes of the Downtown Development District’s Q1 2024 Market Report.

This up-to-date assessment and data-driven analysis of the economic vitality of Downtown New Orleans showcases an active development map highlighting the $726M in projects under construction, $53M in entitled projects, and $143M in projects seeking entitlement according to the City of New Orleans Department of Safety and Permits.

The Q1 Market Report takes a deep dive into the story of Downtown New Orleans throughout the busy and transformative months of January, February, and March. Specific highlights include celebrations like Mardi Gras, which saw 1.7M unique visitors to the DDD during Carnival Season (January 6th-February 14th), and New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW), whose attendees helped boost the March 13th YLC Wednesday at the Square concert attendance of over 5,000 people.

Barbour also noted in the publication’s opening that “these events, beyond their entertainment value, are a catalyst for economic development and community engagement playing a crucial role in fostering Downtown’s place as Louisiana’s creative and economic hub.”

The report features a recap of DDD’s involvement in Downtown’s Economic Development journey, including recent organizational events, initiatives, and implemented strategies that took shape throughout Q1. Additionally, it shares successes and statistics from the year in the DDD Operations Department, provides an update on new business openings, and includes a new section highlighting the Downtown tech and innovation ecosystem.

You can read more about DDD’s ongoing mission, past successes, and future plans in the Q1 2024 Market Report at the link HERE.

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