There is always something to celebrate in Downtown New Orleans; this week, it was special business milestones.

Each month, in partnership with the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, DDD dedicates a day to recognizing new business openings and established business achievements in the Downtown neighborhood.

This past Wednesday, January 24th, we celebrated the feats of two very special local spots: the first anniversary at Hype Haus Fitness and the opening of The NOW Massage.

Hype Haus Fitness is an inclusive workout studio that aims to elevate the total mind-body experience in an atmosphere that makes you feel at home. It offers a well-rounded variety of class options, including indoor cycling, step and circuit training, powerhaus, abs + stretch, and an infrared sauna. Members enjoy a transformative fitness experience with one-of-a-kind instructors who allow them to dig deep, celebrate growth, and emerge as the best version of themselves.

The NOW Massage is new to Downtown NOLA. Designed to serve as a sanctuary in the heart of a bustling commercial area, it offers a space to escape the daily stresses of life and recharge body and spirit through the healing benefits of massage therapy. The interior space design is inspired by nature. It uses organic wood surfaces, exposed beams, cactus galleries, and crystal grids, aligning the elements and forming the ultimate escape for next-level relaxation.

DDD & the Chamber were thrilled to stand alongside these fantastic establishments as they celebrated their impressive respective achievements.

Together, we look forward to continuing this new programming next month as we recognize the recently completed Rubenstein Hotel opening and more in the Downtown Development District.

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