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According to recent data, Downtown’s daytime population is over 120,000 people. Major conventions, trade shows, championship sporting events, and festivals draw 8.3 million annual visitors. Take advantage of our advertising support programs to drive traffic to your business.

Street Banner Program

Organizations sponsoring civic and community events or special events can partner with the DDD to place their messaging on streetlight throughout Downtown.

Street Banner Program


Banner Construction and Installation Contractors Responsibilities
Application Form
Banner Zone Map

If you have any questions, please contact John Roussell @ (504) 620-9287 or [email protected]


Streetlight banners have been found to benefit the Downtown area by adding color, excitement, creating character and a sense of importance while in the process, conveying information on important local civic and community events, or special events in New Orleans that have a civic or community benefit. The event shall be that of benefit to Downtown and to New Orleans, not the individual sponsor. The banner program’s purpose is not to advertise individual businesses or to sell merchandise, products or services. Political campaign messaging is not permitted.

Surveys indicate that some 100,000 plus people come Downtown each weekday. Major conventions, trade shows and other special events add millions of locals and visitors in the Downtown area. This large audience is an excellent opportunity to favorably impress with an attractive well-managed banner program thus increasing the total experience of visitors to downtown and New Orleans.

The City of New Orleans and/or DOD may regulate the design and content of the banners to ensure they serve a community benefit. Literal advertising (sponsor names, logos, etc.) shall be secondary to the banner’s graphics and color.

The City and/or ODD will not be responsible for any maintenance, upkeep, damage, or replacement of any banners while installed on City streetlight poles.

The DOD has invested in and owns hardware, which has been installed on light poles along selected downtown streets. Under an agreement with the City of New Orleans, the DOD manages this program.


The downtown areas in the banner program include:

Canal St. from Claiborne Ave. to Carondelet/Bourbon
Poydras St. from Claiborne Ave. to Camp St.
Elk Place from Canal St. to Tulane Ave.
Tulane Ave. from Elk Place to S. Claiborne
Convention Center Blvd. (limited)
Arts/Warehouse District: Julia St., Magazine, Camp, Baronne, Carondelet, and Tchoupitoulas.


APPLICANTS may be granted approval by the DOD to produce and install banners in some or all designated banner zones on downtown streets. The following steps need to be taken by applicants interested in becoming a banner sponsor. Click here to download a PDF of instructions and application.


A. Complete DDD Banner application and return to DDD at least 90 days prior to the start date being requested for installation.
B. Include $250 Non-refundable application Fee.
C. Upon receiving Preliminary Approval, furnish additional insurance as required by the DDD.


A. Review the application promptly.
B. Give preliminary approval based on applicant’s compliance with the provisions of the guidelines.
C. Give final approval after applicant has furnished DDD with: (a) final acceptable art work of proposed banner; (b) certificate of insurance as specified naming both the City of New Orleans and DDD as an additional insured on all contracts ($1,000,000/1,000,000)



The following outlines the format for the fabric, color, graphic design and construction required.

The FABRIC recommended (1) for duration of 30+ days — 100% Acrylic Canvass-type awning fabric equivalent to “Sunbrella” awning fabric manufactured by Glen Raven Mills, Inc. (2) for duration of 1-30 days — heavy-duty nylon and 16 ounce vinyl may be authorized for banners having a duration of less than 30 days and for a one-time use only

The COLORS used on the banners shall be in the primary range (red, yellow, blue) and secondary range (combinations of primary colors) only. Pastel coloring or mylar fabric is discouraged. Reflective materials are permissible with the prior approval of the DDD.

GRAPHIC DESIGN should exhibit professional quality, be creative and visually exciting while also being simple and appropriate for large-scale outdoor use. Banner composition needs to meet the following requirements: (1) at least 75% of the banner square footage for graphic image and no greater than 25% for sponsor credit or acknowledgement. It is the primary intent that the banner publicizes events through artwork, with sponsor names, logos or text being secondary. The DDD logo is mandatory as part of the banner design and shall be a minimum of 2″H X 6.75″W for 24″x60″ size banners (note: banners in the Arts District are 24″x48″). The DDD logo should be standard four-color in accordance with DDD graphic design standards. A monochromatic logo may be substituted only upon written consent by a representative of the DDD. If the banner is designed with a tail, it should be sewn/designed as a banner (not an attached one) and will be no longer than 12″.

BANNER CONSTRUCTION is to be three-layer, double-sided with liner, air vents, top and bottom sleeves and corner grommets. All edges must be folded and all seams and edge folds must be double-stitched with heavy-duty cord. Images must be the same on both sides and must match front to back.

The top and bottom sleeve!:> of the banners are to be three inches wide. Two solid brass grommets are to be located one inch above the bottom sleeve, and one inch below upper sleeve, and two inches from each vertical outer edge of the banner. There are to be four (4) grommets per banner. Nylon tie cords shall be used to secure to the light pole banner brackets.


Participants in the banner program will be responsible for the following: (1) design and construction of their banners; (2) all costs involved in the installation and removal of their banners; (3) the reinstallation of the ODD banners; (4) using the DDD’s banner vendor for the installation and removal of the banners and, (5) providing required insurance coverage.

Participants will also be responsible for any associated liability involved with their banners’ installation, removal or presence. The DOD is not responsible for the disappearance or damage to banners from any cause including, but not limited to, wind, weather, theft, vandalism, fire or acts of God. The DOD recommends that participants order 5% more banners than will be installed for _ use as replacements in the event of damage or disappearance.


Once the banners have been approved, The ODD has set in place the following user fee schedule, payable by the sponsor:

Organization type:

1-99 Poles  –  $18.00/pole
100 + Poles  –  $15.00/pole

1-99 Poles  –  $15.00/pole
100+Poles  –  $12.00/pole


The DDD requires that all banners be installed and removed by the DDD’s approved contractor. Completed banners must be delivered to the DDD’s Approved Installation Contractor 72 hours prior to installation date. If banners are not delivered in this time frame, the ODD cannot guarantee installation in a timely manner.


The DDD must be named as an additional insured on all contractor/subcontractor insurance with minimum liability limits of $1,000,000/$1,000,000.


In the event of scheduling conflicts among two or more interested parties, the DOD shall be the sole decision-maker, whose decision will be final. The DDD’s decision in such cases may be based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to the following:

Benefit to downtown, Benefit to New Orleans,
Magnitude of area (number of streets requested), Earliest filing date of application
Quality and originality of artwork, and timing of event(s).


The maximum period of time for the banner use shall be 40 days including installation and removal.

Should the banner sponsor fail to timely remove the banners, the DOD shall remove the banners and all charges associated with the removal of the banners shall be the liability of the banner sponsor. All legal fees associated with the collection of these charges shall be borne by the banner sponsor.


Once banners are removed by the ODD, the banner sponsor shall have 90 days to retrieve the banners. After 90 days, the banners will become the sole property of the DDD. Certified correspondence will be mailed to the sponsors within 10 days of their forfeiture. A response must be received by close of business on day 90 in order for the sponsor to retrieve their banners.

If sponsors would like for banners to be stored, a $100 monthly fee will be assessed, payable to the installation contractor.

**All fees are non – refundable

Note: Banner installation/removal will be done by DDD designated contractor.

Revised: March, 2021

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