August Homeless Outreach Success Stories


On August 23rd, the outreach worker helped three individuals end their homelessness before 10 am:

First, the outreach worker met with a long-time client, Q, at 7:30 a.m. to pick him up from the end of his 30-day rehab stay, which the outreach worker had assisted him in entering. That process was complex from the beginning because Q uses a wheelchair and thus was turned down from some facilities who were worried he was too medically vulnerable. However, Q remained determined to get sober and the outreach worker finally found a welcoming facility for him and then kept in touch with him throughout his 7 days of detox and 30 days of rehab. During that time, the outreach worker coordinated between Q and his mother for Q to reunite with her upon his program completion. So, on the 23rd, the outreach worker transported Q from rehab to the Greyhound station and assisted him onto a bus home – two days later, Q’s mom confirmed they were happily home together and expressed her gratitude to the outreach worker – Q and his mom had not seen each other in over a decade.

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