Homeless Outreach Success Stories


J and A are a couple who have been living under the Calliope corridor since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. A is legally blind and has faced many health scares in the past 3 years she’s been homeless, and J does his best to take care of A on the streets and ensure she is safe. After months of coordination and searching for an appropriate apartment, J and A finally were able to move into a newly renovated one-bedroom apartment this month. Their apartment has its own backyard, and they are excited to finally begin their healing journey indoors and to rest in their own private space. Welcome Home, J and A.

On August 23rd, the outreach worker helped three individuals end their homelessness before 10 am:

First, the outreach worker met with a long-time client, Q, at 7:30 a.m. to pick him up from the end of his 30-day rehab stay, which the outreach worker had assisted him in entering. That process was complex from the beginning because Q uses a wheelchair and thus was turned down from some facilities who were worried he was too medically vulnerable. However, Q remained determined to get sober and the outreach worker finally found a welcoming facility for him and then kept in touch with him throughout his 7 days of detox and 30 days of rehab. During that time, the outreach worker coordinated between Q and his mother for Q to reunite with her upon his program completion. So, on the 23rd, the outreach worker transported Q from rehab to the Greyhound station and assisted him onto a bus home – two days later, Q’s mom confirmed they were happily home together and expressed her gratitude to the outreach worker – Q and his mom had not seen each other in over a decade.

Both J. and A. have experienced long-term homelessness in Downtown New Orleans.

Recently, Angela Owczarek, the DDD’s Outreach Social Worker in conjunction with the Traveler’s Aid Society, assisted them with beginning a new, more stable life indoors. Some of the incredible work she has done for J. and A. include helping

  • A. with his Social Security insurance application
  • A. to be placed into a group home
  • J. to be placed in an intensive mental health treatment team so he can restart his psychiatric medication for the first time in nearly a year
  • J. in reclaiming his housing voucher so that he will have stable housing after his release from treatment

We thank Angela for all of her compassion for those with the greatest needs.

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